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Addresses the problems of poor physical fitness and reveals the availability of an affordable fitness program.
Certification for kickboxing aerobics instructor and fitness trainer. Free Fitness Manual.
Training and certification for would be instructors in the United Kingdom fitness industry.
Training and continuing education for personal and group trainers, consultants.
Providing trainer certification for over 16 years. Directory, free software, NFPT magazine, forums.
A non-profit accrediting association for fitness professionals and fitness facilities. (Winter Park, CO)
NSPA has certified over 4,500 professional fitness instructors and personal trainers.
Group and personal training, certification and continuing education courses, by Tina Vindum.
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Certification preparation and continuing education for personal trainers, group instructors, public educators.
Provides aquatic fitness leaders with training based on current research. Canada.
Register for an online course to be a personal trainer.
For training group exercise leaders, personal trainers, and management staff of health and fitness programs. Mansfield, MA.
Leading the industry with the hottest, energetic kickboxing class around. Fusing Muay Thai, Capoeira, Hip Hop, and your personality makes it the best program around.