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One of the popular traditional Chinese medicines is acupressure. This ancient Chinese method uses twelve meridians or energy points in the human body to treat it from pain. By applying soft but firm pressure through the hands it can reach out to these meridians which are scattered all over the body from the fingertips that are connected to the brain and the organs which are harmoniously connected to a specific meridian.
While acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate the twelve meridian points, acupressure utilizes the hands to reach them out using pressure. Both of these widely accepted Chinese medicines use the same energy points or meridians. Lots of scientific data abounds that support the belief that acupuncture is really effective [...]
Can you believe that FEWER than 5% of the typical American child's calories come from natural foods?
Instead of eating fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, raw nuts and seeds, our children are eating mostly highly-processed pre-packaged foods. They're also eating an alarming amount of fast food.
In fact, french fries constitute the most commonly eaten vegetable by the time our children are just 15-months old [...]
With so many weight loss plan options available, it can be difficult to choose the right plan for you. There are dozens of pills available that promise rapid weight loss but rarely seem to work and can have serious consequences on your overall health.
Some programs are available where they supply the food so you can easily create the meals you need with the right calorie count, but are they good for you? How much nutritional value are you getting by eating boxed or canned foods? You can join clubs and count calories, or you can pay to have meal plans designed especially for you. But over time, these can become costly [...]